How A Small Business Like Amelia Toffee Uses Micro-Influencers

Before we talk about using micro-influencers, it’s worth noting how we here at Amelia Toffee failed before trying out influencers.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill to building a brand and growing an online presence. Let’s state the obvious: it is hard to build brand awareness. We all have the dream to make a unique product or offer a service that the entire population needs and carves. Businesses spend time researching, experimenting, and using their time to create the perfect good.

The hard part comes after creating the product. Where you have to ask yourself (as a business) how do we educate the world that we have what they need?

Most small business owners spend time reading and researching the most cost and time-effective ways to create a buzz about our company. With a couple of Google searches you can learn how to craft the perfect social media posts, have the right Google ads strategy, and look for influencers that will put a company at the forefront of everyone’s mind.
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